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Deliver exceptional customer experiences by responding to job changes of your most valuable buyers with the right action at the right time.

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Boost pipeline and reduce churn by monitoring job changes of your most valuable buyers and automating the next steps.

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Boost pipeline and reduce churn by monitoring job changes of your most valuable buyers and automating the next steps.

Capture missing contacts from your CRM, Calendars & Product.
  • Fill in any missing key contacts & update your CRM
  • Highlight any past relationships they have with your company
  • Add new contacts to relevant cadences & campaigns based on your qualification criteria.
  • Alert your teams via email, Slack, in CRM.

Rhythm Integration
Create Plays using buyer job change signals from UserGems to automatically prompt sellers to follow up on buyer activity when it matters most. Plays are prioritized by Conductor AI in the Rhythm focus zone so that reps stay focused on the buyers and deals that are most likely to help them hit their number.

Live Feed
Buyer job change signals from UserGems create notifications in users’ Live Feed, making it easy to stay on top of your most valuable prospects without switching between apps.

Additional details
UserGems is offering a chance for Salesloft customers to track up to 1,000 champions for job changes for free. You will receive signals for each of these contacts whenever they change jobs in the future so you can sell to them at their next company.

If you're not a UserGems customer yet, but want to try receiving champion job change signals into Rythm register for free to upload 1,000 contacts for free. See the additional resources section of UserGems' Salesloft Marketplace listing for more info on how to start tracking your buyers for free.

Connect to Salesloft
To turn on the Salesloft integration just head over to your UserGems instance and press the "Connect to Salesloft" button

When doing this a short setup is needed to allow UserGems access to your Salesloft instance and also you have the possibility to automatically create cadences from our playbooks. After this is done, you will be able to send over contacts to Cadences right from the UserGems UI. 



There are two ways of connecting your Salesloft account with UserGems. Either you do it directly during the onboarding or you can do it later in the Settings page of Contact- or Account Tracking. 
No, we will only add contacts to cadences, if these contacts already exist in Salesloft.
If there is a job change detected they will be surfaced 1x per month 


Shared Data


Cadence Subscription

Cadence Subscription