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Vertify for Salesloft

Vertify is a highly configurable tool that helps you get the most out of your data. By connecting Salesloft to your CRM or MAP tool, you can make sure you are reacting to leads and replies ASAP with information on what information and campaigns they have viewed the most - all in the same platform! Now, sales and marketing teams will have all of the powerful data around their buyer's journey at the tip of their fingers - leading to better conversations and better conversions.

How it Works

Vertify is a platform that sits in between the systems we need to integrate. We hook into the APIs of the target and source systems (or connect in through a database if the system does not have an open API) and pull information (including custom objects and fields) into Vertify, translate it, and move it over to the correct field in the target system. We allow for bidirectional data flows, so triggers can be set up to initiate a sync in either platform (such as, contact converted into a lead or a customer who needs to be moved into a cadence). We allow for a drag and drop UI for configuring the data mappings so no coding is needed for the client. Once everything is set up, the client can work out of their ideal systems - Vertify will run in the background!



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