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Personalize your sales outreach and boost response rates by adding video to your sales emails in Salesloft. With Vidyard, you can easily create custom videos for your prospects using the Vidyard webcam and screen recorder. Then track video engagement and get the insights to perfectly time your next steps.

How it Works

Prospect, connect and close with video.
Vidyard for Salesloft makes it easy to add a personal video message to your Salesloft emails and cadences.

Humanize your sales emails.
Quickly record custom video messages that help humanize the sales process and build rapport and trust. And it's all as easy as leaving a voicemail!

Stand out and boost response rates.
Adding highly engaging videos to your email cadence in Salesloft will help your emails stand out, boost click through rates, and send response rates soaring!

Understand who's watching your videos.
Track what each prospect watched, down to the second, so you can reach out at the right time with the perfect message. We will send an email notification right to your inbox, so you can plan & prioritize next steps. With Vidyard's new Feeds Integration (available on Vidyard's Business+ plans) you can get video engagement notification directly to your activity and live feed.



Record and send personal videos

  • Use the camera and screen recording options to personalize your outreach
  • Easily add and share videos into your emails and cadences
  • Access your video library to quickly include pre-recorded videos and messages

Leverage video to boost open and response rates

  • Get 2-3x response rates by including video in emails 
  • Include a custom or animated thumbnail to boost video views and opens

Drive action with in-video CTAs

  • Reduce friction in appointment setting by adding link to calendar
  • Serve up additional content or resources to guide viewers on next steps

Personalize and perfectly time lead nurture and outreach

  • Get video view notifications directly in your activity and live feed so you can quickly identify hot leads and personalize outreach.
  • Give your team more visibility into a contact's video engagement and perfectly plan the next move. 

Data Permissions










Yes. The standard Vidyard Integration is available for all users and plans including free users. You will need to be on a Vidyard paid plan (Business+) with a webhook enabled to use the new Feeds integration. 

The standard Vidyard Integration lets you record, screen share, and send videos directly from within Salesloft while the Feeds Integration leverages Vidyard's video view notification capabilities to surface information about who is watching video content directly to your activity and live feed inside Salesloft. 
Reps who share Vidyard videos through Salesloft will receive a notification in their live feed when a video is viewed by a contact. This allows them to jump directly to the relevant contact and provide perfectly timed and personalized outreach. 

Similarly, these video view notifications will appear as notes in the activity feed of the contact allowing any other members of the sales team to see a historical record of videos that were watched. These notes also include a link to the video in Vidyard. 
With the Vidyard Free plan you are able to record and share videos directly within your Salesloft emails. You can quickly access your video library or record and screen share on the spot. You are limited to 30 minutes in video length and a maximum of 25 videos in your library. 

When you upgrade to a paid Vidyard plan, you get access to unlimited videos and access to powerful features like in-video CTA’s, video analytics, branding, and much more. You can also turn on the new Feeds integration which allows you to get video engagements notifications populated into your activity and live feed within Salesloft.

Check out this video on Vidyard's pricing and plans to understand which works best for your business. 
  1. Have your Salesloft admin enable the Vidyard integration from the Settings Integrations tab.
  2. Open your email message, click the Integrations icon on the email compose window toolbar, and select Vidyard.
  3. Record your video and send the email with your personal video message embedded.
  4. Watch your engagement and response rates soar. 


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