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Create seamless revenue workflows and improve your selling process with the industry’s most expansive network of 180+ partners across technology integrations and services.

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Deliver exceptional customer experiences by responding to job changes of your most valuable buyers with the right action at the right time.

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Deliver a seamless customer experience by automatically scheduling, recording, and analyzing your Zoom meetings in Salesloft. And embed Zoom Phone for a robust dialer experience.

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Streamline communication, increase employee engagement, and improve productivity with Zoom Workplace. Salesloft offers three Zoom Marketplace apps so that your revenue team can deliver seamless customer experiences - all from the Salesloft platform. 

  • Salesloft Scheduling - automatically add Zoom links to every meeting booked in Salesloft
  • Salesloft Conversations - record, transcribe, and analyze your Zoom meetings with Salesloft Conversations
  • Salesloft Dialer - embed Zoom Phone for a seamless inbound and outbond calling experience in Salesloft

Key benefits

  • Increase seller efficiency. Interact with buyers from a single application, no need to switch back and forth to the Zoom app to copy meeting details or access recordings and transcripts.
  • Turn conversation insights into action. Surface the most important insights from your Zoom calls and effortlessly progress deals with AI-generated meeting prep and follow up emails. 
  • Coach consistently. Provide relevant, targeted feedback to every member of the sales team with AI-assisted conversation scorecards to make coaching more accessible, consistent, and efficient.
  • Deep customer listening. AI transcribes, analyzes, and summarizes every recorded Zoom conversation so the full selling team can maintain context on their deals. Keyword tracking surfaces trends across all buyer conversations so you can understand what messages are resonating - and what threats are emerging. 
  • Use Zoom Phone in Salesloft. Retain all the functionality of Zoom Phone with the added benefit of Salesloft’s user-centric, prioritized workflows that are designed for revenue teams. 



  1. Approve the Zoom integrations you want to install in Zoom Marketplace:
  2. Complete setup in Salesloft: