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Reach the primary inbox, rather than the spam folder.

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Allegrow solves deliverability so your emails reach the primary inbox, not spam folders. 

We do this by preventing emails sending to contacts that would hurt your sender reputation and adding warm up to all of your emails. 

As you continue to use Allegrow, you’ll be able to track spam rates across every user, department and domain.


Safety Net

Risk analysis on every cadence email - Automatically avoid spam traps, emails which bounce or even prospects that frequently report emails as spam. 

Warm up

Positive signals and interactions from real corporate mailboxes to improve your sender reputation and warm up email accounts. 

Sender Reputation Reporting

Single source of truth for the exact percentage of your email traffic reaching the primary inbox vs the spam folder each day. (across every, user, department and domain).

Health Scores Leaderboard

See how every SDRs spam rate ranks against their peers for sending health to avoid risk and provide support where it’s most required. 

Spam Content Test

Allows you to A/B test your sequence emails and see which version delivers more to the primary inbox and at what rate. 

DKIM, SPF and DMARC Testing

Highlight any authentication issues hurting your deliverability with hourly tests using real email traffic. 



We connect directly with G Suite or Office 356 accounts and other email clients. How we connect is outlined here.  
We have an introductory guide + checklist for new users in your team available here. You'll also be assigned a dedicated customer success manager when you join Allegow. 
Allegrow doesn’t just help the emails that you send land in the primary inbox. We also stop you from sending emails which will harm your sender reputation with our new Safety Net module. 

The Safety Net analyzes each email that’s scheduled inside your sales engagement platform and reverts risky emails to drafts. This allows you to prevent bounces, blacklisting and manual spam reports on your emails.

A full outline on using the safety net is available here


Shared Data

With Allegrow Inside Salesloft, you will be able to analyze and control the risk of emails your organisation sends landing in spam jail.

What Does the Allegrow + Salesloft Integration Provide

After connecting Allegrow to Salesloft, you’ll have access to the following to optimize your deliverability: 

  • Interactive dashboard to track spam score and domain reputation for multiple emails within Allegrow.
  • Allegrow automatically runs risk analysis and stops emails which would damage your sender reputation leaving outreach with a Safety Net.
  • A/B testing of your content to determine which emails are least likely to land in the spam folder.
  • Gives actionable insights into how you can optimize your mailbox.
  • Increases your email interactions in a regulated manner and displays a daily record of your sending patterns.
  • A leaderboard to rank the spam rate on a daily basis of individual users that are performing well and which of them need to be optimized further.