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AppBuddy was founded by a group of technologists who wholeheartedly believe in the power of data to help people see the truth about their organizations and to do the right things at the right time. Through years of building cloud enterprise applications, we discovered how to solve common issues users have executing their business processes and getting data into their systems of record.

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The Most Productive User Experience In The Salesforce® Ecosystem

Work the Way You Want to Work Salesforce is the world’s leading cloud CRM. But its user experience lacks simplicity and speed, decreasing user adoption, productivity, and data quality.

GridBuddy™ changes the equation by simplifying and streamlining the way your users interact with data in Salesforce. Our data interaction solution integrates the data your users need into one simple view so they can get their work done fast.

GridBuddy Features

  • User-centric visualization
  • Effortlessly update and act on data
  • Native to Salesforce (Lightning, Classic, Mobile)
  • Fully configurable, no code required
  • Maintain permissions, security, and underlying data structures
  • Cloud-based and mobile ready

GridBuddy Benefits
GridBuddy makes data interaction easy by intelligently connecting Salesforce clouds and data into one application experience users love.

  • Fully Configurable GridBuddy is easily configured for each user. No coding, no IT development cycles, no expensive custom applications.
  • Easily Adopt New Business Processes Customer-centric business processes change often, and the data needed does too. Grids can be quickly reconfigured by users and developers to reflect current business processes.
  • Combine Related or Unrelated Objects in One Screen Combine, cross-reference, and perform mass action on multiple data tables simultaneously, whether they are related or not.
  • Manage Hundreds of Records with Minimal Clicks Quickly create, mass update and delete records. Narrow data sets down to the exact records a user needs with powerful filtering capabilities.
  • Build Grids Specific to Your Needs With the Grid Wizard, administrators can specify the data set they want to include in a Grid. These data sets can be as simple as single tables or complex mappings of multiple tables together. Grids can be embedded anywhere your users need to interact with their data.



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