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Use account intent signals along with Insights and Talking points. Engage target accounts with contextual and relevant messaging. B2Brain for Salesloft provides account intent signals such as relevant company plans, initiatives and M&A triggers.


How it Works

With the B2Brain integration, you will always be on top of relevant events, triggers and signals from every target account.

The B2Brain integration shares these account intent signals with Salesloft:
  • Company Plans
  • Strategic Initiatives, Deals and Partnerships
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Investments and Funding

Create Plays using the account intent signals from B2Brain to automatically prompt sellers to reach out to the prospects with relevant and contextual messaging. Plays are prioritized by Conductor AI in the Rhythm focus zone so that reps stay focused on the buyers, prospects and deals that are most likely to help them hit their number.

Live Feed
Company intent signals from B2Brain create notifications in users’ Live Feed, making it easy to stay on top of target account activity without switching between apps.

Account insights
Get contextual insights on your target accounts, along with Talking Points and relevant Leads based on your ICP. Use the Talking Points to craft your messaging - say goodbye to robotic and templatized pitches. Import the Leads and reach out to the right people.

Account-based Cadence
Create insight-laden messages to run Account-based Cadence on your target accounts. Customize messaging based on objectives of each campaign:
  • Cold / warm email outreach
  • Linkedin outreach
  • Re-activating churned customers
  • Engaging pipeline prospects

Use Talking Points for messaging, talk tracks, discovery call openers and to enhance your own acumen about each business.

Additional details
Getting B2Brain to work for you within Salesloft is really simple and straightforward.

1. Click "Install" at the top of this page
2. Authenticate with your Salesloft credentials
3. Once done, you will be taken to the Salesloft dashboard
4. B2Brain will start identifying signals for your target accounts and sending them
5. These will be prioritized and displayed in Rhythm and in your Live Feed

If you wish to get additional insights, talking points and leads for your target accounts, connect the B2Brain extension from to your Salesloft.

If you are already on a B2Brain Team or Enterprise Plan, you will be able to track as many accounts as your plan entails.

B2Brain offers a generous 14-day, 20 Accounts free trial for each user coming from Salesloft Marketplace.

Want to upgrade your plan? Write to us at


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Yes, B2Brain is available in Salesloft Rhythm for all subscription plans of B2Brain. For the number of accounts each B2Brain subscription entails, you will be able to get intent signals in Salesloft Rhythm. 
Yes. Connecting B2Brain with Salesloft Rhythm also provides you the ability to receive insights, talking points and leads in addition to the intent signals inside Salesloft Rhythm. You can access the insights, talking points and leads by installing B2Brain
Of course. Just reach out to us to set up your team plan with B2Brain and your entire team can receive intent signals via Salesloft Rhythm.