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GetAccept streamlines sales with a Digital Sales Room using e-signatures, sales content management, CPQ, proposals and communication.

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Understand buying intent by tracking prospects’ interactions with your proposals. Get instant updates in the Live Feed when they view the proposal, loop in new stakeholders, or sign the deal. Leverage Rhythm signals from GetAccept to identify hidden decision-makers, pivot quickly and smartly, and win more deals.

GetAccept's Digital Sales Room platform enables your sales reps to shorten their sales cycles, close more deals, and provide the best digital buying experience for your buyers.

Enjoy one centralized place to share, personalize, and track all your documents and create an engaging buying experience by adding personalized videos, live chat, and smart email templates throughout the entire sales process all the way to an e-signed contract.

Finally! You can keep all buyer-seller communication up to date in one hub without the hassle of juggling through emails, Slack messages, and Google Drive.

GetAccept's electronic signatures are fully compliant with eIDAS (EU) and ESIGN Act (US). So you can choose the signing method that suits your buyers the most.

Key features
  • Share, personalize, and track documents in one centralized Digital Sales Room.
  • Engage buyers with videos and live chat.
  • Get the document signed faster with Smart Reminders.
  • Flexible signing /approval flows.
  • Secured and legally binding e-Signature (Support for BankID, MitID or equivalent in all Nordic countries).
  • Gain real-time insights and analytics on how prospects interact with your sent document.
  • Uncover hidden stakeholders – see when and to whom your document is forwarded and track how many unique viewers have checked it.
  • Reduce admin work by seamlessly transferring data between Salesloft and GetAccept.
  • Manage team and pipeline performance.



Yes! You need to be on a paid plan with GetAccept to activate the integration.