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Supercadence by Influ2 puts the power of advertising into the hands of sales development. The platform helps sales reps cut through the noise and speak to prospects directly through ads. Showing ads with Supercadence is like sending an email – no marketing involvement, no heavy lifting. Precise targeting and contact-level intent insights help reps double conversion rates, turning ads into the sales conversation channel.

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How it Works

Supercadence allows sales reps to advertise to the exact people they have in their cadences and derive contact-level intent based on ad engagement. These insights help SDRs craft relevant follow-ups based on what resonates with each prospect. They can also track the influence of ads on booked meetings. All – with zero marketing involvement.

You can add advertising as an element of your cadence in 5 simple steps:

  1. Connect Salesloft and Supercadence to pass your Salesloft Cadences to the Supercadence dashboard.
  2. Decide on a cadence you want to enhance with ads.
  3. Create an ad creative and a landing page using pre-made templates.
  4. Select a day in your cadence when you want to start showing ads.
  5. Track ad clicks in real time and derive contact-level intent based on ad engagement.

Supercadence shares the following engagements signals with Salesloft:

  • Ad clicks - how many times a prospect clicked on an ad;
  • ‘Talk to me’ button clicks - how many times a prospect clicked on the ‘Talk to me’ on a landing page.


Create Plays in Salesloft using ad engagement signals – e.g. when a prospect clicks on an ad or the 'Talk to me' button. Supercadence will automatically turn contact-level ad engagement signals into actions in Rhythm which will prompt SDRs to follow up on high-intent activity when it matters most.


Enhance your cadences with ads and advertise to the exact people you have in your cadences. Just like emails from a cadence reach a prospect's inbox, ads will pop up in their social media feed on a specified day.

Tasks & Live Feed

The tasks based on Supercadence signals can be accessed on the Home and People screens. Engagement signals create notifications in the Live Feed, making it easy to stay on top of buyer activity without switching between apps.


Shared Data




People and Accounts

People and Accounts






While relying on the same unique person-based advertising technology, Supercadence and Influ2 are two independent platforms created for different users. Influ2 is created with the marketing pros in mind whereas Supercadence’s goal is to help SDRs run ads on their own.
Supercadence doesn’t require any marketing involvement whatsoever. The platform’s AI engine analyzes the content of your website to create drafts for landing pages and creatives. This way, sales people can launch ads without added effort. You can read more about the platform and request a demo on the Supercadence official website.