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How it Works

Salesloft + LeanData
The LeanData Revenue Orchestration Platform, powered by No-Code Automation, simplifies and accelerates coordination of all the plays, people and processes needed to transform buyer signals into buying decisions. Flexible, easy, drag-and-drop workflows automate friction-free processes and handoffs between people and tools, both within Salesforce and across the RevTech Stack.

And now with the LeanData-Salesloft integration, you can create faster, more relevant first touches to improve the buyer experience. Our seamless integration allows you to automatically distribute leads and contacts to sales cadences for the most relevant buyer engagement. By automating this process, you can instantly determine the right cadence and the right reps to initiate engagement based on contextual lead and contact information.
Optimized Revenue Processes. Improve the Customer Experience. 
  • Maximize speed to lead:  Remove delays in lead assignments, be confident in assignment accuracy and queue up the next best engagement from one centralized process
  • Power relevant conversations: Automatically add leads or contacts to a sales cadence based on campaign, interest or activity. 
  • Automate low-touch lead engagement: Want to contact leads with low engagement, for example a webinar attendee? Fully automate the first touch to keep sellers focused on higher priority leads. 
  • Enhance sales productivity: Automate cadence enrollment and put lead context right at your seller's fingertips for less clicks and more calls. 


Shared Data

  1. In Salesloft, set your Cadences to "Team Cadence" to be visible in LeanData
  2. Within LeanData, select Admin >> Integrations >>  "Authorize Salesloft" 
    Requires Salesforce Admin permissions and access to Modify All Datas or Customize Applications.  
  3. Once authorized, place the Salesloft node into your LeanData graphs to route Leads and Contacts directly into Cadences.
  4. Once People are added successfully to a Cadence, LeanData Audit Logs will show the People's audit trail. 
Find step-by-step installation instructions for the Salesloft integration in our help center. 



If LeanData and Saleloft are both installed, the LeanData+Salesloft integration can be setup and ready to use in minutes.
No, the Salesloft node can be added anywhere in your lead or contact graph, as many times as your revenue process requires. 


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