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No more overdue phone call tasks! Ditch cold calling and connect with 8-12 decision-makers per hour without the need to dial. With Salesloft Integration, MonsterConnect imports all your open phone call tasks from the Cadence steps you select. From there, our agents do the rest. You’ll only have to talk when your lead is on the phone. Once all the calls have been made in MonsterConnect, your leads will advance in your Salesloft cadence as usual.

How it Works

  1. Login to MonsterConnect 
    1. Login with your Salesloft account
  2. Link your Salesloft Account
  3. Import a Cadence Phone Call Step 
    1. Import as many as you would like
  4. MonsterConnect will import all your leads on that Cadence step with an open phone call activity 
    1. Once your lead list is created, it will be kept in sync with your cadence step anytime you log into MonsterConnect
  5. Start a MonsterConnect Team Dialing session
  6. As phone calls are completed in MonsterConnect, they appear in Salesloft
  7. Your lead records advance or complete your cadence as usual



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