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Outbound Funnel

Cross-Platform Revenue Strategy, Sales Tech Consolidation, Integration, Implementation & Onboarding Services

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Who We Are

Outbound Funnel was established in 2018 as one of the first implementation and training service agencies for clients that adopted the power of Sales Engagement Platforms to drive more revenue for their companies.  Since then we’ve onboarded over 500+ customers globally and expanded our certified expertise across other emerging cloud applications.  

We are your strategic partner when it comes to modeling your business processes to sales systems, and integrating Salesloft platform with your tech stack for better end-customer communication, optimized end-user activity, and a sharper line of sight on activities across departments.

Our team has half a decade of strategy, implementation, onboarding, and training on Sales Engagement Platforms for companies from 5 employees strong, to Fortune 500 large. And our proprietary training and implementation methods have allowed us to drastically reduce time-to-value for customers, enabling teams to scale swiftly and efficiently. 


Sales Engagement Systems Audit

We can evaluate your Salesloft platform and your sales tech stack to find ways to optimize their performance and improve sales teams' workflows. We follow through discovery process with your cross-functional teams, review sales workflows and systems that support them, document findings, and present our audit along with any supporting recommendations on your technical operations and sales enablement.

Guided and Full Service Implementations

Our team has the experience and a reputation in delivering Sales Engagement Platform implementations for newly founded start-ups with 5 employees strong to our work with Fortune 500 organizations with stakeholders across the globe.  We specialize in implementing new Salesloft instances, establishing cross-platform integration, merging multiple instances into one, or managing entire platform migration.  All of our implementations include end-user and management training.

Cross-Platform Integration, Consolidation, & Optimization Services

We help you make the most of the sales tech stack that you have today. 
Will work on a cohesive strategy with your team to see where we can help to consolidate your multiple applications with a single sales engagement platform, improve data quality, content performance, and introduce integration options to reduce steps in your sales process.

Salesloft Training Programs

Our certified specialists (supporting NorAm, APAC, EMEA) can train sales teams and leader's on best practices using Salesloft platform.  Whether you are looking to have your end-users, management, or administration team to level up on their Salesloft knowledge and best practices - we have a program designed to meet your needs, matched to one of our systems and sales trainers. 

Salesloft Administration and Managed Services

Our team of Certified specialists can help you to operationalize, administrate, and maintain your Salesloft instance with designated admin and end-user support. We support your revenue teams with quick SLA’s to address T1-T2 issues and provide best practices to teams as a group and on individual bases.  During our engagement, we can also document, develop an FAQ, and build a Knowledge Base in your instance that's tailored for your revenue teams and company best practices on the tools.

Data and Content Transfer

We provide data and content migrations services from any 3rd party applications to Salesloft instance(s).  Advanced services include integration and automation rules that mirror previous content fields or workflow environments.

Platform-to-Platform Migration

Planned platform-to-platform migration with joint strategy, implementation, CRM and 3rd party integration options, and supporting team onboarding program. We help organizations in M&A to combine instances, help move customers from their old systems to new Salesloft instance, and provide sales enablement plan for leadership team to better prepare end users' adoption to new system and changes in their day to day workflows.

Copywriting and Workflow Strategy

We can help accelerate your experiments and provide content strategy to make your team perform even better. Whether looking to improve your current copy or A/B test your existing assets, we can help in creating new sales campaigns, playbooks, and templates for revenue teams. Expand your content library with additional market centric messaging or test it with additional personas. 

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