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Seamless.AI helps sales teams identify B2B prospects and verify their direct dials and emails in real-time. Allowing you to build your pipeline, shorten your sales cycle, and close more deals faster than ever before.

How it Works

1. Get started free - It just takes a few clicks to get started and it's 100% free.

2. Target your dream customers in seconds - Simply search by adding attributes of professionals you want to find.

3. We'll do the work - We'll deliver all the contacts that match your criteria and validate their emails, cell phones, etc in real-time.

With Seamless.AI and Salesloft combined, you’ll be able to:

- Instantly gather your prospect's contact information, including emails, direct dials, and more, and send it directly to Salesloft in one-click.

- Keep your CRM contact data up-to-date so you never lose an important opportunity ever again.

- Lead conversations with what matters most to your customers with customized contact and account insights.



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