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Seismic Enablement Cloud™

Seismic is the global leader in enablement, helping organizations engage customers, enable teams, and ignite revenue growth. The Seismic Enablement Cloud™ is the most powerful, unified enablement platform that equips customer-facing teams with the right skills, content, tools, and insights to grow and win. From the world’s largest enterprises to startups and small businesses, more than 2,000 organizations around the globe trust Seismic for their enablement needs. Seismic is headquartered in San Diego with offices across North America, Europe, and Australia.


How it Works

Upon installing the Seismic integration, you can: 

  • Access and insert Seismic directly into Salesloft emails, snippets, templates, and cadences.
  • Identify exactly which prospects are viewing your Seismic content and measure their engagement.
  • View Seismic engagement events in the Salesloft notes activity feed.



Correct content at the right time

Quickly discover and insert the appropriate content into any interaction, including support for individuals' Recents and Favorites

Full support for snippets and templates

Easily create and share canned verbiage with canned verbiage and Livesend links to save your sellers' time and avoid repetitive actions

Find out who is viewing your content and measure their engagement

Detailed analytics capture your prospects' activities and engagement to help determine the critical next steps in your sales process

Trigger Salesloft automation rules

Build an automation rule that is triggered when a prospect clicks on a link from within your emails


Installation and configuration is usually completed in under 5 minutes
This integration surfaces published content so it is compatible with DocCenter, Workspace, Recent, & Favorites
Yes! Your users will only have access to any content that they would normally have access to
Nope! If you are already a subscriber of Seismic and Salesloft platforms, this integration can be configured without any additional expenses
Engagement activities are visible both within Salesloft and Seismic. 
  • Within Salesloft, activities are written to your Contact Object's Notes
  • Within Seismic, Engagement activities can be viewed from within Engagement Center or LiveInsights
Analytics that can not be tied back to the specific user within Seismic will get logged to a generic user that is specified by your administrator during the initial integration configuration
The user lookup relies on a matching email address. If you have a different email address within each system, your activities will get logged to the default, generic user setup by your administrator during the initial integration configuration
At this time, this integration is designed to connect 1 Seismic tenant to 1 instance of Salesloft
Yes, this integration is fully compatible with Salesloft Snippets


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