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Shift Paradigm

Unleash the power of technology, people and insights coming together.

Who We Are

Shift Paradigm unleashes the power of insights, enabled by data fluidity and creative go-to-market strategies to accelerate revenue and drive market growth. With 200+ employees in North America, Shift Paradigm is aligning sales and marketing in organizations around the world, digitally transforming customer experiences in the B2B and B2C spaces.


Market Strategy

Whether you are launching a new product or acquiring a new customer base, today’s revenue growth is based on your ability to deliver informed, personalized experiences. Cultivate your customer’s motivations, understand decision-making criteria with rich first- and third-party research, creating meaningful strategies and connections.

Revenue Operations

We help structure teams, technology, and processes to ensure ROI targets are met. It’s how marketing becomes a catalyst for predictable revenue generation.

Technology & Data

We connect people, process, and technology to operationalize your strategy. Our proprietary ‘technology layers’ methodology helps identify technology gaps, ensuring your marketing is always connected to your larger business objectives.


Gone are the marketing campaigns that take time and money to plan, but don’t perform. We help you plan and create scale with efficient, targeted campaigns that are directly tied to your growth ambitions.



We help with prospect experience blueprints & playbooks, cadence, channel & campaign planning, audience segmentations, as well as Salesloft audits, training, and adoption. 
It all starts with putting together a roadmap that highlights how each technology plays a key piece in your go-to-market motion. We’ll create a holistic approach and a go-forward plan to make sure you’re getting the most out of your current tech. 
Consolidation is key. We’ll assess what you currently have in your techstack and figure out what makes sense to remove, reduce, replace, or reset. Our strategy, implementation, migration, and diagnostic services will make sure you’re getting the ROI you need from your tech. 

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