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Amplify the impact of every Salesloft email with Terminus. Terminus and Salesloft is a one-stop shop for full funnel, multi-channel sales and marketing. Connect Salesloft with your Terminus Email and Chat Experiences to create synchronized account-based experiences that increase engagement and drive more pipeline.


Chat Experiences makes it easy to initiate real-time conversations with buyers directly from a SalesLoft cadence while also personalizing website chat using SalesLoft contact data. Using Chat from Anywhere™, reps can embed chat directly into a cadence as a CTA which leads to an increased outbound email response-rate.

Chat Experiences Features:

  • Chat from Anywhere™: Add Terminus’ patent-pending Chat From Anywhere™ button to every SalesLoft cadence to allow your audiences to open a direct chat with you in a single click.
  • Account-Based Chat Routing (ABM): Automatically route sales conversations from your website or cadence, in real-time, to the correct account owner in SalesLoft.
  • Personalized Website Greeting from Cadence: Create personalized chat greetings when prospects navigate to your website directly from an email template or cadence.
  • Chat Conversation History Logged in SalesLoft: Terminus automatically logs all chat conversation history and details at the SalesLoft account level and displays it under the “Notes” section.
Team Creation and User Management

Terminus performs seamless account creation using an existing SalesLoft account via oAuth.  The first SalesLoft team member to create a Terminus account will automatically provision an enterprise account that matches the SalesLoft Team Name.  All subsequent members from SalesLoft who login with Auth will include a confirmation to be placed in the team.

Unlock the advertising power of your emails with Email Experiences. Add dynamic email signature banners to every SalesLoft cadence to provide targeted content that drives engagement and conversions. 

Email Experiences Features:

  • 1:1 personalization: Terminus Email ads are targeted based on the recipient’s email address, meaning you’ll have 100% targeting accuracy.
  • Hyper-customized campaigns: Leverage a robust spectrum of ad options to deliver the most appropriate content to your target accounts based on sales stage. 
  • Unique Intent Data: Deliver meaningful buying intent signals to help forecast pipeline based on data quantifying the relationships between your team and their opportunities.