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Truly is the only phone system solution built specifically for data driven sales teams.  Architected to meet the unique needs of all stakeholders (VP Sales, Sales Ops, IT), its platform enables organizations to implement a single solution across the entire revenue lifecycle (SDRs, AEs, CSMs, AMs) increasing logged activity by 30% and CRM data accuracy by 100%.

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This native integration connects Salesloft directly to the Truly Phone System. In doing so, it ensures call and disposition data are shared seamlessly between the systems, while also giving users a seamless user experience when working in both platforms.

With Truly, your organization can realize all of the following benefits, in addition to the world class cadencing functionality that Salesloft provides:

  • Call/Text on Any Device: reps can call and text from any device (mobile, deskphone, laptop)
  • Automatic, Real-Time CRM Sync: ensure there is a 1:1 mapping of all activity against Salesloft, Salesforce, Zendesk and other systems.
  • Activity Data Enrichment: see a 100% improvement in activity data accuracy to enable your team to get data driven insights within Salesforce.
  • Powerful Analytics: get rich funnel analytics natively in Salesforce - no more weekly/monthly/quarterly reports to compile.
  • High Reliability: being built on our own infrastructure and and partnering directly with Tier 1 carriers, we give reps a noticeably more reliable calling experience across the globe.
  • Great Support: we offer direct-to-user support from qualified IT professionals with an average response time of 2 mins, ensuring your reps are never blocked from executing their high value activities.