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Abstrakt Cloud Solutions

Sales Enablement Consulting Partners helping organizations of all sizes get the most out of their Salesloft Invesment.

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Yes! Abstrakt Cloud Solutions, an entity of Abstrakt Marketing Group, acquired Sapper consulting in 2023.
We offer Salesloft Implementation, Optimizations/re-implementations, Content Audits/Content Creation, Managed Services, Training, and Salesforce services. 
Abstrakt Cloud Solutions is a team of about 30-40 consultants that works on Salesloft and Salesforce projects. We are an entity of Abstrakt Group which is over 550 employees based in St. Louis, MO.
We have off the shelf implementation and other offerings, as well as will do custom SOW's based on customer needs. You can reach out to [email protected] for more information.


Who We Are

Abstrakt RevOps, a division of Abstrakt Cloud Solutions, helps organizations get the most out of their Salesloft investment. ​

Since 2017, we've been helping companies of all sizes and industries get the most out of their sales enablement products. Our experience spans from the technical implementations, migrations, and CRM connections, to content creation, prospecting playbooks, and fractional sales management work.​ Abstrakt is also a Crest (fomerly Gold) Tier Salesforce Consulting Partner. 

We are an Advanced Salesloft Solutions Partner and excited to help you leverage all the things Salesloft has to offer. 



We implement your Salesloft instance 

Content Creation

We build your cadence infrastructure and write copy.


We help you move all your content, snippets, cadences, etc. from a former Sales Engagement Platform (Outreach, High Velocity Sales, etc.) to Salesloft (or from an existing Salesloft instance).

Salesloft KickStarts

We offer bundled KickStart packages to help new or existing Salesloft users get the most out of their instance. We start with an instance and content audit, then provide recommendations followed by executed activities to be custom scoped (governance, content creation, best practices, managed services, etc.)

Managed Services

We serve as your outsourced Salesloft Admin at a fraction of the cost of hiring internally. Hiring and training is hard. Let us do it at a fraction of the cost while getting up to speed in days/weeks, not months.

Salesforce Consulting

We are a Crest level SFDC partner helping with implementations, managed services, and custom projects.


  • Ryan Hodgins
    Senior Manager, Sales Development at Sophos

    "Sapper was able to shed light on some of the challenges we were having with messaging and our overall workflow. They have helped implement a number of guiding principals which created an immediate impact on the success of our campaigns. They have been incredibly helpful and have taken time to set us up for long-lasting success. Our Open rates on outbound have increased by 3x and reply rate by 5x, and meetings booked have doubled."
  • Jenifer Salzwedel
    VP, GTM Technology & Marketing Operations at Anaplan

    "Our experience with Sapper (Abstrakt) has been very positive. The best practice blueprints and frameworks have helped us shape a plan for gaining maturity on the platform. As well, the team has been a much-needed support network for system admin duties as we have had gaps in resources."
  • Lee Daniel
    Director of Sales

    "Sapper helped us transition from a traditional prospecting model to a vurtual model, enabling us to be far more efficient with our time. In fact, we've seen a 20% increase in efficiencies gained through the new model. And it assisted us in selling 37% more deals last fiscal than our year prior."

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