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Leverage the industry’s most expansive partner network to grow your revenue. Work with 100+ partners to improve your selling process and simplify your Salesloft workflows.

Generate pipeline, manage opportunities, and put data into action with our partner network.

image finds sales triggers for your target accounts and generates personalized Salesloft emails which your team sends through Salesloft Cadences. Teams using - Send better quality personalized emails - Scale their engagement much faster - Achieve more sales meetings - Onboard new team members quicker

How it Works

Open the sidebar to get sales triggers for your target accounts and to start a Cadence with a highly personalized, engaging email.

Find sales triggers for target prospects tracks 27 million data sources including news sites, corporate websites, blogs, and case studies for sales triggers such as funding rounds, product launches, technology changes, key hires, and other company events.

Automatically generate personalized outreach emails generates emails that are personalized, relevant, and timely. Generated emails incorporate unique insights about prospects to personalize them and content reflecting the persona of the prospect.

Consistent email quality across the team
Email content is optimized centrally and used across everyone on the team.
Send emails natively through Salesloft
Unlike alternatives, emails are sent natively through the Salesloft platform - not Gmail/Outlook. This gives you the power of Salesloft analytics for all generated emails.
Native integration with HubSpot and Salesforce
A simple one-click connection with your CRM and starts finding sales triggers for your target accounts. 



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